Titus 1:6, believing/faithful children

[NB: Ray Van Neste is the author of this post; the name changed in the database when Rick cleared up some link issues]

I had thought for sometime about writing something on the interpretation of Titus 1:6. In stating the qualifications for serving as an elder/pastor the text states that “his children are believers.” It could also be translated “his children are faithful.” The standard commentaries do not wrestle much with this issue, but it is huge in considering who should serve in this important role. In dialogue with Justin Taylor I discovered he had written a paper on this very topic. I am very pleased to see it is now available in the most recent 9 Marks newsletter. This is a well written piece and I commend it to you. I agree wholeheartedly with Justin that the text is not requiring that a pastor’s children be Christians but that they be submissive and obedient.


  1. PLStepp says:

    Ray, what is the address for the 9 Marks newsletter?


  2. Oh, sorry Perry! I had pasted this in from my other blog and did not notice that the hyperlinks did nto come through
    Here is the link directly to Justin’s article:

  3. Rick Brannan says:

    Hello, gents.

    Actually, the link was in the article, it just had some formatting that obscured it a little. I removed that so it should look like a link now.

  4. anonymous says:

    Have you read the book in footnote?
    2 Alexander Strauch, Biblical Eldership: An Urgent Call to Restore Biblical Church Leadership, revised & expanded (Littleton, Col.: Lewis & Roth Publishers, 1995), 229.
    Please consider the concept of "elders" he presents in his research through the Acts and Epistles uses of the Greek words used.

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