Commentary and Reference Survey

John Glynn’s 10th edition of his Commentary and Reference Survey (Kregel) has just been released.  This is the most thorough of such books around- though recommendations from Don Carson still carry the most weight with me! 

Glynn’s book is a great resource.  He has added two chapters on software in this edition.


His section on the Pastorals is well done.  As before, he has a list of forthcoming commentaries which is always interesting.  In addition to his listing of “Technical, Semitechnical” and “Exposition” types of commentaries he has a list of books dealing with 1 Timothy 2:9-15 and a list of “Special Studies.”  I was gratified to note that Lloyd’s book and mine were included in the list, though neither were marked as best buys. J  I am not sure exactly how he determined which books to list in this section since there seem to be some obvious gaps, Towner’s monograph for example.  Perhaps the idea is that with Towner’s two commentaries there is no need to list his monograph.


This is a very useful- and impressive- book.


  1. PLStepp says:

    I have an older copy of Carson, but have used the newer edition (while standing in the aisle of a Christian bookstore!) with profit.

    Did you ever see the older version of the same type of thing by Ralph P. Martin? And (I *think*) Brevard Childs did the OT companion volume?

    Good to see you posting, Ray! I’m working on some things that I’ll share in a few days, myself.


  2. I have worked some with Martin’s book. Carson’s outstrips it and Longman’s on the OT is very good also. As soon as a new edition of either Longman or Carson’s surveys comes out I purchase it (at the next SBL, 1/2 price!).

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