Patrologia Graeca Commentary on the Pastoral Epistles

One of the cool things about Luke Timothy Johnson’s Anchor Bible commentary on 1 & 2 Timothy is his inclusion of volume/column references to Patrologia Graeca where commentary on the Pastorals is discussed. This list is his (as are the dates associated with each commentator) though I’ve added volume/column references to include commentary on Titus.

Each of these commentaries is in Greek; many have a parallel Latin column. Most importantly for my purposes, each contains the text of the epistles commented upon.

Patristic Commentaries

Chrysostom (347-407)

  • First Timothy: PG 62:501-599
  • Second Timothy: PG 62:599-662
  • Titus: PG 663-700

Theodoret of Cyr (393-466)

  • First Timothy: PG 82:787-830
  • Second Timothy: PG 82:831-858
  • Titus: PG 82:858-871

John of Damascus (675-749)

  • First Timothy: PG 95:997-1016
  • Second Timothy: PG 95:1016-1026
  • Titus: 95:1026-1030

Medieval Commentaries

Oecomenius of Tricca (10th century)

  • First Timothy: PG 119:133-196
  • Second Timothy: PG 119:195-240
  • Titus: PG 119:242-261

Theophylact of Bulgaria (11th century)

  • First Timothy: PG 125:9-87
  • Second Timothy: PG 125:87-140
  • Titus: PG 125:142-170

If you’re not near a library where you can access PG’s 161 volumes, you may be interested in RelTech’s image edition of Migne’s Patrologia Graeca.


  1. Johnny Spatula says:

    Most of the PG volumes can also be accessed, for free no less, on Google Books.

  2. Rick says:

    Hi Johnny.

    That’s true; of course finding the right volume can be a problem. And then finding the right page/column can be a problem too. RelTech’s version has a very nice table of contents for all 162 volumes, and then toc’s for each volume as well. You can check out the setup in some of the sample volumes the have online.

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