Epictetus and the Pastoral Epistles

I happened across a book titled Epictetus and the New Testament by one Douglas Simmonds Sharp, published in 1914. The only copy I found was in Logos Bible Software’s SeminaryLibrary.com. Actually, there is a copy in Google Books, but for some unknown reason it has restricted access (even though it was published in 1914). Anyway, on pp. 74-75, the following like word usages are listed: εμπλεκω and επιπλησσω. Here’s the image I cropped from the book; I don’t really have time to retype it (apologies for that):

Sharp, Douglas Simmonds. Epictetus and the New Testament. London: C. H. Kelly, 1914. pp. 74-75.

I include it here because I thought it might be interesting to some; also because it serves as a mental note to evaluate at a later point when I do further work on similarities between the Pastorals and other contemporary literature (e.g. the Apostolic Fathers)


  1. Damian McGrath says:

    Great find Rick….

    A little searching reveals that it is available for downloading through Microsoft’s live.com: http://search.live.com/results.aspx?q=&scope=books#q=Epictetus%20and%20the%20New%20Testament&filter=all&page=1&t=6Bv1nub4jRN7mYwLo1OjwA&sq=Epictetus%20and%20the%20New%20Testament


  2. Damian mcGrath says:

    Scratch that last comment, Rick. I was looking at the wrong book. Darn shame

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