I have been very quiet on the PE front as I am now working on a project on the Bible and Spirituality.  However, I’d just like to mention a couple of news items.  First, my article “Women as Gossips and Busybodies? Another Look at 1 Timothy 5:13” will be published shortly in the Lexington Theological Quarterly.  Second, I shall shortly be returning to the PE as I shall be working on the notion of ‘the good life’ in the PE for the project.

Congratulations to my fellow contributors for news on projects they are engaged in.

Lloyd Pietersen


  1. T says:

    I have a question for this audience that I am not sure has been answered…

    Can someone tell me why it is important to read, study or meditate on the Word of God each day? Can this take the place of prayer?

    Also, what are your thoughts and comments on the book: Pagan Christianity by Frank Viola…

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