Philip Payne on 1Ti 2.11-12

Perhaps one of the most controversial (and therefore most written-upon) passages of First Timothy is 1Ti 2.12.

The blog Evangelical Textual Criticism today points to a recent article by Philip Payne, "1Ti 2.12 and the Use of ουδε to Combine Two Elements to Express a Single Idea". This is from New Testament Studies 54 (2008): 235-253.

Check out the article. I’ve not read it yet so don’t have much more to report. I do note, however, that the function of αλλα (something I’ve recently written about) apparently plays some sort of role in Payne’s discussion, though he looks to focus more on ουδε.


  1. Mike Aubrey says:


    Andreas Kostenberger has already written a post about it HERE

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