Second Timothy Notes, all in one PDF file

If you’ve been following my series on Translating Second Timothy, you know that I’ve made it through the epistle. (In less than three months, not bad, huh?)

I’ve gathered all of the posts into one PDF file. Grab it if you’re interested. If you have further interest in the material (specifically in distributing it or publishing it in some way) please contact me for further information.

I’m very interested in any feedback you may have. Feel free to email me at rick at pastoral epistles dot com with any comments, encouragement, criticism or flat-out disagreement.


  1. Kevin Scull says:

    This post has been chosen as a Paul Post of the Week. Keep up the good work. I look forward to reading your commentary in a bit more detail at a later date.

  2. Rick Brannan says:

    Cool. Thanks for the link! Within the past two weeks I’ve added your blog ( to my aggregator and have enjoyed your posts. Keep up the good work!

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